The Grand Canyon

Hi friends! Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. I spent it with Joe in Arizona for his upcoming birthday this Thursday. We stayed in and explored Flagstaff, Arizona but the main reason we visited was to see the Grand Canyon! I have been once before but this was Joe's first time here. We stayed at a little Travel Inn close to the downtown area and arrived with plenty of time to check out all the cute shops before check in. We also ate at Diablo Burger (a MUST if you visit!) and walked around downtown some more once evening hit. We spent the entire day yesterday at the Grand Canyon! And it was GORGEOUS. Honestly, you need to check it out if you've never been - It's one of the seven wonders of the natural world for a reason. My all time favorite thing was getting ice cream from the Bright Angel Cafe up inside the canyon and eating it as we stared at the canyon. Monday morning after checking out, we stopped by a local comic book store, Cab Comics and grabbed Chick-fil-A before heading back home. Please enjoy the pictures we snapped below!