Colorado 2017

I am SO excited to share this travel post from the past week in Colorado! We left Wednesday morning and flew this time (normally we drive 13 hours to Colorado Springs!) We arrived at about nine in the morning, got our rental car and started exploring Denver. About 45 minutes away from the airport, the air conditioning stopped working and then as we were pulling up to Tom's Diner to grab a bite as we tried to sort our car issue out - the check engine light came on! We got seated and called the rental car company and the lady said to take it to any location in Colorado Springs since that's where we were headed...Turns out after we got off the phone, there are NO locations in Colorado except at the airport. I was so angry but we didn't have the time to drive back and return it as this point. (We did end up getting more than half the fee off when we dropped it off however which was a nice surprise). The diner was delicious and basically across from our hotel downtown. We stayed in Denver that night and explored the city through the night.

The next day we drove to Colorado Springs after checking out and grabbing lunch and the drive was so nice. In Las Vegas it's currently about 104 degrees so it was so nice to drive with the windows open and have a cool breeze come through. We checked into our next hotel and took a little time to rest but also to shop and look around. One of my favorite shops in Colorado is Poor Richard's Bookstore & Coffee Shop, so of course we stopped in there. Throughout the time we spent in Colorado Springs, we went over to Joe's dad's house for dinner and to hang out for a bit before his shows. Joe headlines Loonee's Comedy Corner every year for a week and I think that is really cool that he gets that opportunity! We met up with some of his friends afterwards to hang out for a bit some nights and other nights we went back to the hotel (his second show each night ended @ midnight!) Our last night and two days we spent back in Denver and those were my favorites. We ate at City Grille, which is known as "Denver's Best Burger" and let me tell you - IT IS! That burger was probably the best burger I've ever had and no, I'm not exaggerating. We drank a white russian with it as well because we were right across the hotel so it was no trouble at all walking back. I love those because they taste like chocolate milk but you have to be careful and only have one ;)

That night Joe showed me one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life and that was the Civic Center Park. I know that sounds a bit extreme like how cool could a park really be, right? Well - there was literally a Colosseum type situation going on and it was HUGE. Everything was held up by great big pillars and all of the green trees looked divine - Seriously the park is beautiful and is a MUST-SEE if you stop by Denver. He also showed me the building where they print the money and that blew my mind, too. 

The next day we checked out and went to do the Denver Art Museum but sadly it was closed. Not even for Memorial Day but because it was Monday. I hate working Mondays too. Anyway, we walked around for a bit and ended up walking about a mile and a half to a shop I wanted to see the other day but never got a chance to pop in to. We finally get there after I feel like I'm about to die and they're closed for Memorial Day!! OMG. We called an Uber to drive us back to our car because I was not about to walk those two miles back (In my defense, we also had to start getting to the airport too). That was actually our first time using Uber and it blew my mind! It is super quick, easy and doesn't cost a bunch. (P.S. When I signed up, they gave me a promo code - Use "natashaw2865ue" to get a ride for FREE!)

We ate something once we got through the airport and finally got on our flight. I was so sad to leave Colorado and to go back to work and regular life; I'm pretty sure everyone feels like that after a great trip though. We got back into Vegas about 8:30 PM and made it back to the house shortly after. I had so much fun on this trip and I always look forward to our Colorado trip every year!! Please enjoy some photos we snapped during the trip below!