Glitter Mountain

Last weekend, my family, Joe and I drove out about two hours into St. George/Arizona to Glitter Mountain. The official name of the site is the "Old Gypsum Mine." Basically, it's a giant pit of mountainous areas in the desert where you can mine your own crystals! When you get the big mountain, there are crystals scattered all over the ground but down inside the pit along the side, you can mine out huge chunks of clear crystals. It is so neat! It is however, not the easiest place to find - so if you plan on venturing out here, do some research online first. We drove to St. George first to have lunch and  meet up with my grandma. Then we drove off-road back to Arizona for about 30 minutes or so - The city it's technically located in is Littlefield, Arizona. It is a great family activity and it is completely free. I would also recommend taking a bucket with you to carry all your crystals home with you. 

My parents smooching in the desert.

Mining our own crystals.

My gorgeous grandma.

I'm telling you guys to come check out the pit!