LA Trip

Well hello there! I feel like I haven't written anything on my blog for awhile and I suppose I am correct as it's been exactly one month but to be honest, nothing super exciting has happened since then! Anyway, this past weekend I went to Los Angeles to meet my favorite photographer, Jessica Kobeissi. I think she is one of the greatest photographers alive and I watch all her YouTube videos and first got into graphic design using her tutorials and resources on Neopets! (It's a long story, haha). She hosted a meetup with Irene Rudnyk (whom I also watch and follow) as well as Ruby James (whom I have learned so much more about). There was about 30 or so people I'd say who came to the meetup and it was SO awesome! I was starstruck meeting Jessica, as I had followed her from the very beginning on Neopets and read her blog as well. This was a life moment for me and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity. Joe and I made a trip out of it and we had so much fun exploring LA for the few days we were there. Please enjoy our snapshots below!